Hi, I am Taher

IT Support Specialist & self-taught Software Developer

Who I am

Hey all, I am Taher, I am IT Support Specialist and a self-taught Software Developer.

I have over 25 years of experience in computing field which includes Hardware, Software, Programming, Networking, Security, and currently I am learning AWS Cloud Practitioner working towards AWS Solutions Architect.

I have developed in-house applications for few local companies/ stores which included a Retail Clothing Store, A vehicle Service Garage and a Video (VHS) Rental store using VBA in MS access. I have also developed software to assist me as an IT Support Specialist to keep track of issues/tickets and staying up to date with customer contracts. Programming languages I know are BBC/GW Basic, Pascal, COBOL, VB, VBA, DBA, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and I am currently learning Python. Once I am comfortable with Python, I will continue to learn C++.

As an IT Support Specialist, I have experience in custom building PC’s, supporting, managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting desktop computing environments. I can install/remove/configure hardware and troubleshoot to component level. I can repair Motherboards/Graphics Cards/Gaming Console PCBs to component level by BGA rework procedure. I have good knowledge of common BIOS/CMOS setting to troubleshoot problems or to configure boot order, security, hardware setting, general date/time configuration, flash update BIOS and overclock CPU’s safely on gaming PC’s

I have broad knowledge of installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and configuring Windows & Linux (distros) Operating Systems along with software packages for each platforms. I can set up Virtual Machines, dual boot OS’s, Partition HDD, familiar with RAID (levels/categories), and configure backups onsite or offsite. I am also familiar with setting up network servers for LAN, WAN, configuring Virtual and dedicated Cloud servers.

These are some of my projects

These are some of the web projects I have worked on so far. I will be adding more and updating the current projects as I progress.
You can live preview my projects or you can view the code on github.

Below are some of the projects I am working on. I will be improving the projects below as I work on them.

Survey Form project

Survey Form

Tribute Page

Tribute Page

Technical Document Page

JS Documentation

Product Landing Page

Product Landing Page

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